Baratza Forte Brew Grinder

The Baratza Forte Brew Grinder is intended for batch or manual brewing and has a grounds bin and a 54mm flat steel burr.
It is a compact,commercial grade grinder,weight-based and devoted to brew techniques needing a coarse to medium grind. The Forté-BG includes a lot of features that are a good fit for commercial operations. These features : small footprint; all metal construction; user friendly control panel; and solid macro/micro setting change.
A long lasting workhorse utilizing a 54mm flat steel burr to produce a precise and accurate grind. This results in delivery of exceptional cup quality for brew techniques from Press Pot to Drip.
The grinding system consists of a threaded burr holder which is securely screwed into the grinding chamber (all metal) for a more precise grind. A larger gear to belt ratio, integrated with a more effective DC motor, increases the speed of grind and duty cycle.
Features of the Baratza Forte Brew Grinder

USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: The Forté-BG permits dosages by time or weight. The touch screen manages all operations with 3 programmable dose presets; Down or up arrows to reduce or increase dosages; and MANUAL, TARE, START or STOP.

BURRS: The Forté-BG grinder features 54 mm steel burrs to produce a precise and unvarying grind for a range of small as well as manual brews. Our steel burrs were specially manufactured to minimize fines, enhancing flavor in the cup. The broad range of grind (500 microns to 1150 microns) and the narrow particle circulation (absence of fines) are the hallmarks of the supremacy of the Forté-BG burrs.

ADUSTMENT/GRIND VARIETY: An all-metal macro and micro modification system produces a positive feel and secure grind setting. These steps, plus the new metal detents, allow fine-tuning with ease, dialing in the precise grind for the preferred brew approach being utilized.

An ingenious bean shut off function in the collar permits no-fuss, no-mess removal of the hopper when changing beans. The "wastage" of beans (below the stopper) is surprisingly low at a average of 10g. This is of course once the hopper has actually been shut off (all weights are dependent on the density of the beans).

RE-CALIBRATING BURRS: Before it leaves the factory the Forté-BG is calibrated to ensure that the grind range is accurate. The grinder comes with a tool specially designed to recalibrate the burrs quickly should any problems arise.
Consumer review of the Baratza Forte Brew Grinder

Baratza Forte Brew Grinder has a 5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. This consumer review summarizes this grinder very well.
"I purchased this after the new Brevill Smart Grinder I ordered decided it couldn't grind more than 2-3 beans at a time without jamming (even then). This grinder may cost a tad over double the price, however this is way more than double the machine.

The belt driven motor in this machine is a beast, and surprisingly emits slightly less noise than the Smart Grinder. The included tools make removing and if necessary calibrating the burrs very easy. I also like how the tools are metal and will more than likely last forever. The display is the only slight weak point this grinder possesses, as it's somewhat difficult to see the numbers clearly when looking at from any angle other than almost straight on. I absolutely love the amount of control this grinder offers when it comes to the grind size....the number of variations is incredible.

Bottom line: This grinder is definitely worth the price if your serious about your coffee and want absolute control over your grinds without going stepless. Would purchase again if I had to do it all over"


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