Sufferers should seek treatment immediately as it's possible for bones to become deformed. Even children and younger people can suffer from this type. This arthritis is evidenced by the elasticity of the cartilage being reduced caused by excessive physical activity and stretching. Cartilage is acts as shock absorption for the joints, so deterioration of this material would quickly lead to the joints wearing and tearing. Once bone starts to rub against bone, then pain is felt. This then hinders mobility quite a bit. This occurs when the synovium is penetrated by an infection, which allows viruses, fungi, or bacteria to flow through the bloodstream. This results in joint and tissue infections. People who have had infections in the past are much more likely to get infectious arthritis. For this reason, getting any illness treated properly is important so that infection won't cause further damage down the road. Those who suffer from JRA are children under the age of 16. Generally, they have painful joints, a fever, and are anemic. This condition has several degrees of severity. Of course, there are still many other types of arthritis as well, but these are the most prevalent. Consult a doctor today before your arthritis continues to get worse.