The Plight of the PedestrianHave you ever gone for a walk and legally crossed a road only to be met by honking, angry cars? It's a plight that all pedestrians share and it's time we end it.

Are You Making These Common Mistakes In The Gym?Going to the gym is a pretty simple feat. You pay membership, enter and throw some weights about or do some cardio. However a lot of people do simply that and they forget that they are there to get fitter, a not so simple feat. Will a little extra effort and a few tweaks you can gain quite a lot more.

Lose Weight and Improve Fitness Through Cardiovascular ExerciseModern day lifestyle with its fast and processed foods, and the tendency to drink more alcohol than we should, has led to an epidemic of obesity. But there is one other factor that many people tend to overlook, and that is lack of exercise. Because many of us tend to live our lives in the fast lane, dashing hither and thither at 100 miles an hour, we just don't have time to exercise. But it's something that we should be making time for!

4 Unique Workout TrendsDiversity in workouts can mean the difference between success and failure. The desire to keep things fun and fresh is always existent, and these four exciting trends can add some serious spunk to any workout routine.

Why Does Walking to Lose Weight After Pregnancy Work?If you recently had a baby, you have probably heard about the benefits of a simple walk and you may be wondering how walking to lose weight works after pregnancy. It will help you to sleep better and feel more energetic. All you need is a comfortable pair of sneakers.