This does not suggest that we do not seek to create the fact we prefer, yet just that we really feel certain that the outcomes of our initiatives will certainly be the finest for our growth despite whether they are what we prefer. 2. Self-confidence in our capacity to manage whatever life brings us. Why should we question that we can deal with whatever comes? We have run into many tests in life, as well as here we are? We have actually made it through. We, as spirit, are greater than any type of feasible human experience. 3. Understanding that we deserve love and also approval as we are. Much of our anxiety relates to our questions concerning our self-respect which we tend to gauge by what others believe and also by the results of our efforts. Approving ourselves as we are eliminates much anxiousness. 4. Staying in as well as appreciating the present minute. Our concerns, regrets, anxiety as well as fret seldom relate to the here and now, however rather with the past as well as future. But neither actually exist. The previous exists just according to we bring it in our minds. The future is just as an illusion. Focusing on what we are performing in the here and now moment launches us from anxiety and concern.