Meditation 101 – Three Techniques For Beginning Meditation Meditation is an excellent technique for combating everyday stressors. It clears the mind, enhances focus, and helps people reach a higher and different state of consciousness, which helps with problem solving and creativity. Meditation Warning #1 – Read This Before You Sit Down to Meditate Why do I make such a point about sitting upright on the front edge of your seat with your feet parallel and flat on the floor when you meditate? There are many benefits including: tension release, better health, greater alertness, presence, self-awareness, and personal empowerment. It may not be easy at first, but the positive results are well worth the effort. How Binaural Beats Significantly Reduce Stress by Listening to Binaural Recordings How is life treating you right now? What if your life is a big struggle? Would you be interested to learn more on how binaural beats significantly reduce your stress levels by listening to binaural recordings? If your answer is yes, keep on reading word for word to find out what helped others in the same situation. Easy Mediation Techniques For Absolute Beginners Meditation is the means of accessing the mysteries to your mind, unfolding the secret of life and issues related to it and realizing the fact that all is contained in us. One can use many different techniques as a starter but it is better to follow only simple and commonly used techniques to understand medication properly. As one advances in various meditative abilities, other aspects of medication can also be incorporated. Water Fountain Zen – A Simple Way to Introduce Tranquility Into the Home Meditation can provide the little escape from daily stress that we all need to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. Where can we find a place to relax and obtain this peace in our busy daily lives? Creating a place in our own home or office to focus and relax is easier than you think. Meditation Basics You Must Know Effective meditation can easily end up being an incredibly elusive target. Many stop well before they actually experience the full health benefits of meditation. Many others never ever utilize the full possibilities of meditation. Chakra Meditation – An Ancient Tool For Inner Wisdom Chakra meditation advances from a concept originating from the orient. This approach to meditation is all about how you can use colors to create harmony and balance inside the bo