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There are loads of ways to make money online yet very few people actually get to earn anything substantial from their efforts. Some spend their time and money on practices that bluntly do not work while others simply choose the wrong monetization methods/programs. One of the best and quickest (but not easy) ways to start earning a lot of money online is through affiliate marketing.
This book is written to serve as a guide to those who intend to make money through affiliate marketing. We will look at: what is affiliate marketing; the different types of affiliate programs; the advantages of affiliate marketing; affiliate marketing best practices; difficulties involved in affiliate marketing; 10 things you can do today to attain affiliate marketing success; helpful Resources for affiliate marketers and more.
I do not believe in easy money or magical tips that will help you get rich overnight. As clearly illustrated in How to Establish a Successful Online Business or Blog in 5 Steps, success in any online business takes time, the right practices and the right practices – it takes PROCESS. No magic portions! In case you are looking ‘get-rich quick’ that undermine process, then this book is not for.
You can choose to go down the same road that 90% affiliate marketers are taking and get lost in the online crowd (which is exhaustive but futile) or you can learn the best practices used by the successful 10% earn earn between 6 to 8 figures passive income each year from affiliate marketing simply because they chose to follow a realistic process.