Self-Defense Training - The 4 Pillars of Defensive Handgun Training
One of the most frequently asked questions in the realm of self-defense training involves the use of weapons, like guns and knives, for protection. This article outlines the four areas that make up a complete defensive handgun training program.

I Think I Ripped My Pants
The title may sound like a tale from the popular kid's show SpongeBob SquarePants however it has a certain ring of truth to it when it comes to survival. Surviving in the wild can be rough not only on the individual but also upon the persons clothing. Burrs on the woodland bushes are certain to snag the pants as are the overhanging branches getting caught on ones shirt. Add to that the amount of dirt that could be collected from a romp in the woods and the poor washing conditions and your clothing is certainly not going to last that long.

Salmonella Contamination and the Survivalist
Usually we open the newspaper or surf the internet and several times per year we end up seeing where one product or another has been contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. With this danger continually lurking how can a survivalist beat the odds and keep his family safe and secure?

It's About the Future - Yours!
Will you be able to survive those first critical 3 days of a disaster with no electricity, water or medical help? WILL YOU?

Still Time For That Survival New Years Resolution
Although the New Year has already started you still have sufficient time to create that all important Survival New Years resolution list. We always hope for the best of situations but one never knows what disasters will be presented to us during the course of the year. That is why being prepared is so important.

Prepare For a Time When Disaster May Strike
Since 9-11 America has been making preparations for any sort of disaster that may be tossed at it particularly those which originate at the hands of our enemies. We have developed Emergency Planning Teams as well as various strategies in order to protect the public from a vast number of calamities ranging from pandemic flu, man-made or natural disasters and those which originate from potential terrorist organizations.

Winter Safety and First Aid
Winter is well and truly here now and the nation has begun to feel the effects of the winter weather. It's unfortunate that with the winter weather comes an increase in injuries and accidents and therefore a busy perio