Why Women Should Get Over Their Fear of the Weight RoomWalk around a gym and you will see very few women in the weight room. Some may be on the machines, but most will be in the cardio area and almost none will be in the free weight area.

Why You Should Exercise in the Morning!Let's be honest here... some people are morning people and some people are... not. I am one of those that is not a morning person, so starting to exercise in the morning has been a huge struggle. Do you exercise first thing in the morning? There are a few awesome boosts that it can do for you.

Making Exercise a HabitI often am asked how I manage to stay motivated and consistent with my workouts. Usually by people who are complaining that they just can't get motivated to keep up with the gym.

How To Overcome Panic And Anxiety With ExerciseIn our stressful world, many suffer from severe stress that can even cause panic and anxiety for some. Some don't even know they are already suffering from panic and anxiety.

Digital Nomads, Keep Fit When You're Travelling!If you're a Digital Nomad, and the header got your attention, then read on. Because, as a fellow nomad myself, I know too well how hard it is to keep fit when you're constantly bumping around on the road, meeting new peeps, and drinking 10 cent beers until the cows come home in developing countries. The last thing you think about when having this jet set lifestyle, travelling around is keeping fit.