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101 Models of Procurement & Supply Chain Management contains 101 diverse and cross-functional models which the authors and some of their esteemed colleagues deem to be of greatest value, and which they have found to be of most use when working within global organisations, delivering consultancy activities or teaching Procurement and Supply Chain subjects to international students studying CIPS and other qualifications.

Each model or tool is contained within no more than 2 pages, and is headed
with a short definition, followed by further detail and explanation, analysis of any evolutions and iterations, with an “advantages and disadvantages” critique to conclude.

Further, as a supplementary feature, some nominal direction is given as to where the models may fit into the procurement or operational process, where they might deliver value to the organisation, or where they may be used to develop corporate strategy.

Who is this book for?
Students studying for Procurement, Supply Chain, Logistics, general business, management, sales, and other related courses or examinations.
Organisational users looking to improve operational or commercial performance by using internationally recognised models proven to increase efficiency, raise awareness of issues, reduce waste, exploit opportunities, manage risk, and so on.
Management looking to evaluate performance, exploit external opportunities and generate strategy to deliver the corporate vision.
Sales personnel and anybody else with a corporate interest in evaluating the actions of others with a view to determining their strategic ambitions.