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Gravity Fitness Steel Parallettes

Ideal for anyone training Cross Fit, Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Street work out, Strength Training or even someone simply setting up a home gym or wanting to gain some functional strength.

A Pair of 2 Boxed and Powder coated in Matt Black for ultimate protection and grip, they also have 50 X 50mm Box Section feet with High Quality Rubber ends making them
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the most stable Parrallettes on the market.

These Parrallettes can also be dismantled and packed flat in only a few minutes making them very easy to store away or take with you on your travels.

Gravity Fitness designs all of our products along side some of the best Calisthenics and Cross Fit athletes in the UK, ensuring you receive the best possible tried and tested products. There is a wealth of information and training routines available online for the use of Parallettes.

Parallettes training will give you the strength to perform exercises such as
One arm Pull ups
Hand Stands
Front Levels
Back Levers
Elbow Levers and so on.

Parallettes will greatly improve the strength of your rotary cuff a known weak area prone to injury if it remains weak. Lifetime Warranty against manufacturers defects - T&Cs applyLifetime warranty, 38mm handles provide better grip and are kinder to your wrists
50 x 50mm feet - the most stable parallettes on the market, includes non-slip rubber feet
Quality and hard-wearing steel construction, Suitable for home and commercial use
Maximum user weight: 20 stone/ 127kg, Powder coated matte black
Dimensions: (L) 45cm x (H) 30cm x (W) 30cm, Fully collapsible


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Assessing and Measuring Innovation is part one in a 5-volume series investigating why some innovations have proven to be exponentially influential and identifying which elements matter most in transforming brilliant ideas into practical ones. Based on hard data from thousands of enterprises and penetrating insights from professional innovation consultants, this volume guides business l
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eaders and innovation practitioners through a critical self-assessment prior to the launch of any innovative project. The InnoSurvey™ introduced in this series represents the world's largest database on business innovation.

Over the past two decades, Innovation360 founder Magnus Penker has counseled countless enterprises on making innovation profitable, executing digitization and the global implications of new business models. He was recognized as “CEO of the Year” in 2016 for his achievements in Innovation and Growth Strategies. While devoting time to helping others, he successfully launched 10 startups and turned around more than 30 businesses throughout the continent of Europe.

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Bring nature into your home with this adorable Early Morning Tweets printed canvas. These feathered friends are sure to bring a smile to your face and add life to a dull room. The strong colour palette of this wall art will bring warmth and a homely feel to your walls. Great as a centrepiece on a feature wall or to brighten up a neutral colour palette.Canvas picture morning birds. Dimensions: 100 x 40 x
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3.5 cm.
Width: 100 Cm
Height: 40 Cm
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